20000 Leagues Under the Sea

20000 Leagues Under the Sea

Escape Rate: 35%


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The professor Pierre Aronnax, his servant Conseil, and Canadian whaler Ned Land, after trying to catch a mysterious sea monster, found themselves prisoners on the captain Nemo’s submarine, Nautilus. Our heroes will go through untold adventures: will discover treasures in Atlantis and lost ancient shipwrecks; will adventure in the Pacific islands and at the South Pole floe; will hunt in the underwater forests and will fight giant squids. But their goal will be to escape from Captain Nemo’s submarine, where he wants to keep them locked up forever.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Escape Rate: 55%


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When the young Jim Hawkins discovers a treasure map in the chest of the pirate Billy Bones, who died in his inn, he decides to go looking for it. Together with his friends, aboard the Hispaniola, he goes to the treasure island without knowing that crew members are actually pirates looking for the same treasure. Passing through unexpected adventures, Jim and his friends will have to face the pirates, find the treasure and return home from the island.

The world without color

The world without color

Escape Rate: 40%


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You are in Las Vegas to watch the show of MALACKAY, the greatest magician in the world, but as you are curious, at the end of the show you decide to go and explore its lodge to discover its secrets. Alas, Malackay is suspicious, deceitful and malicious and his trap closes on you. Here you are locked up forever in the room without colors from which no intruder managed to escape.  I personally do not believe in magic and I think we can get out of all the traps with logic and intelligence ... But maybe I'm wrong ...

Way Out 3 persons
3 persons
30€ / person
Way Out 4 persons
4 persons
26€ / person
Way Out 5 persons
5 persons
23€ / person
Way Out 6 persons
6 persons
20€ / person


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sous marin

20 000 Lieues Sous Les Mers


L'Ile au trésor

noire et blanc

Un monde sans couleurs




Si vous cherchez à planifier un événement dont on parlera pendant des semaines, venez chez Way Out! Escape game Lyon

Nous vous offrons un événement unique et passionnant pour des groupes de 12 - 18 personnes. Nous pouvons accueillir votre fête d'anniversaire, enterrement de vie de garçon ou de jeune fille et d'autres groupes qui cherchent une manière créative de célébrer ensemble.

Pour plus de détails, veuillez nous contacter.



Vous cherchez un événement original pour vos équipes? Nous vous offrons une expérience unique, dont on se souviendra pendant une longue période dans les bureaux.

Way Out escape game Lyon ,met votre esprit et votre capacité à travailler en équipe à l'épreuve. Résoudre nos énigmes nécessite une variété de compétences et ne peut être fait qu’avec un effort d'équipe.

Les conditions d'un jeu d'évasion suscitent l’enthousiasme et stimulent l’énergie de votre équipe, tout en encourageant les collègues d'interagir les uns avec les autres et s'exprimer d'une manière dans laquelle ils sont moins susceptibles de le faire en milieu de travail. Le jeu rapproche les collègues et à la fin, génère un sentiment de réussite dans les équipes.

Pour plus d'informations sur notre offre professionnelle, veuillez nous contacter directement.


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Way Out! Escape Game is opening its do

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Everything is ready to welcome you starting with Tuesday 1st of September.

We w ...

WAY OUT! Escape Game

Our address is 219 rue Vendôme, 69003 Lyon ...


Reservations can be made through our online booking platform, using our secure payment system.
Once your reservation is confirmed, we can not cancel or refund it. If you are unable to come to your game, contact us by phone 48 hours in advance and we will do our best to find a time of your convenience to reschedule.
The minimum age is 10 years old. Players under 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult per game room.
We accept 3 to 6 people per team
There is no need of force or physical endurance for the games
No specific knowledge is required. Logical thinking and team spirit are all you will need.
The gamemaster watch over you during your mission through cameras and microphones. There will be no recording, no video or audio!
Yes, however an emergency button is located next to the door, which allows you to leave the room at any time.
Count 90 minutes on site. 10 minute briefing before the session to give you all the advice you need. The gaming session lasts one hour at maximum. After the session, we take some time for debriefing and to gather your thoughts. Way Out is a live event, so please, be on time!

Contact Us

Program: Monday - Sunday: 09:45 - 23:00
219 Rue Vendôme, 69003 Lyon
Metro B: station Place Guichard
Tramway T1: stations Saxe-Préfecture or Liberté
Bus C4, C14: Stations Saxe-Préfecture ou Saxe-Paul Bert